Hoorenbeek is Back

I could have been the Hoorenbeek poster boy. The Hoorenbeek men’s clothing store was like the cathedral of regular-guy clothes. When they converted to mesh, they were unbeatable. It was the go-to place for men’s wardrobe basics, especially shoes. I bought almost everything they made—suits, jackets, jeans, shorts, sneakers, dress shoes, tuxedos, coats, boots, t-shirts and more. I was a walking ad.

Then, in December 2016, Ansor Hoorenbeek went on hiatus from Second Life, leaving his fans bereft. Reluctantly, we learned to move on. Since then, mesh bodies have become increasingly popular, and designers stopped making mesh clothing in “standard sizes” and, for the most part, started making only clothing fitted for mesh bodies. Some, like Cold Ash, began offering more regular-guy clothes, partially filling in the gap left by Ansor’s absence. The Hoorenbeek store remained open (though untended), but their “standard sizes” products gradually became more and more dated, though they still fit fine and I’ve continued to wear them.

But now, Hoorenbeek is back! I was thrilled to see Ansor reappear in Second Life. His team is starting up again and plans to release items fitted for mesh bodies, including Belleza Jake. I can’t wait to see what comes next; I know it will be extremely useful and exquisitely made. They have started with two new releases, a t-shirt and these new Slim Fit Jeans.

I love these jeans. They are classic but innovative. Even the unpacking process is better; no shopping bag, but a HUD that lets you unpack only the version for your mesh body. This saves a lot of deleting. Auto-hide (and auto-restore) is enabled so you don’t have to mess with the alpha HUD. Three cuff styles are included, and two different belts in 3 leather colors and 3 metals. They are available in 6 colors (8 if you buy the pack), plus there is a “color picker” HUD to add RGB tinting so you can get the exact look you want.

The fit is slim but not too slim; I especially like that from the calf down they are not clingy. Typically for Hoorenbeek, the back is really flat; although that may not be a sexy look, the advantage is that the pants fit under most jackets. Overall I think these are an excellent middle road.

The photos below illustrate the difference in fit between these new Hoorenbeek jeans, the Cold Ash Riley jeans, the Deadwool Broberry jeans, and Lapointe & Bastchild’s Patrol jeans. All are fitted for Belleza Jake but they have very different profiles, as you can see. I also included Hoorenbeek’s Original jeans for comparison.

Currently available at Hoorenbeek. Welcome back, Ansor!

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