Earning Your Leathers

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a thing for leather. Without going into detail, let me just say that I move in circles where wearing black leather is natural. So it should come as no surprise to find me blogging about leather biker jackets in Second Life.

20180528 leather LB


Lapointe & Bastchild have a great selection of leather biker jackets, offering a wide range of jackets (and a vest) with various graffiti texture sets, most of which have a Belleza Jake version. The Nomad jacket shown here comes with four black leather textures and an optional t-shirt with 26 graphics and solids.


20180528 leather H

I like the sleekness of this biker jacket from Hoorenbeek, which has a bit less detail than the L&B one for a smoother look. Even though it is “standard size” and not fitted for Belleza Jake, it fits fine. It includes a closed and open version, with a materials-enabled option for those who run advanced lighting. The various Hoorenbeek shirts fit neatly under the open jacket, with multiple graphics and solid color options.


20180528 leather Z

Even though this ZED vest is technically not a “jacket,” it’s definitely in the style. One of my favorite pieces, it’s my go-to thing to wear in those aforementioned certain circles. It is not fitted for Belleza Jake, but it fits well enough, if you wear the optional t-shirt to cover the shoulder fit issues. Typically for ZED, the texturing is outstanding and realistic. It goes especially well with these ZED chaps or the ZED Lace-Up Leather Pants.

  • ::ZED:: MESH Black Leather Bikers Vest & Tee (available in 6 colors)
  • shown with ::ZED:: MESH Leather Chaps with Light Blue Jeans
  • shown with RealEvil **RE** ReVoX Savage Necklace
  • shown with RealEvil **RE** ReVoX Savage Watch & Bracelet
  • shown with EarthStones BDSM Leash Ring

One additional note on this ZED vest. There is another version with great biker patches on the back, however, sadly, that version does not fit Belleza Jake at all.

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