Lazy Day

Lapointe & Bastchild is a Second Life classic. I commend them because while continuing to honor the Goth roots that made them so popular a decade ago, they have evolved and stayed fresh with their mainstream S’Wear range. A lot of creators were unable to make that shift, but L&B continues to be one of the best on the grid.

The Patrol outfit came out in three stages, beginning with a great shirt in denim and flannel, followed by jeans and then boots. I loved the shirt, but unfortunately it has not been updated for Belleza Jake, and the included versions (Slink, Aesthetic and “classic”) do not fit Jake at all. The jeans and boots, however, fit great, and a newer L&B Henley shirt goes with them just fine, making this outfit a nice one for a lazy Memorial Day weekend.

The HUDs for L&B items are awesome. Unlike a lot of places, most things come as a fat pack, so you usually get all the colors included. The Henley comes in 28 colors. The Patrol boots include 31 colors in clean and worn textures, in a tall laced combat boot and a “shoe” version to be worn under pants (shown here). The Patrol jeans come with 7 dark and 7 washed colors, plus graffiti and distressed versions.


Whereas in my previous post I noted that Hoorenbeek jeans have a very flat ass, L&B jeans go the other direction with a generous booty. The hips also have a markedly rounded contour. As a result, you may find that only L&B shirts will fit properly. Hopefully more will become available for Belleza Jake soon. In the meantime they look great without a shirt 😉


Lapointe & Bastchild L&B S’wear “Patrol” Boots

Lapointe & Bastchild L&B S’wear “Patrol” Denim Jeans

Lapointe & Bastchild L&B S’wear Henley Shirt

Lapointe & Bastchild L&B S’wear Shark Tooth Choker (Unisex) (group gift)

[ kunst ] – Morgan bracelets

{COLD-ASH} Leather Bracelet 01 (group gift)


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