Beach Scene

Summer weather has finally arrived, with a vengeance. To beat the heat, my buddy Jaxon and I went to Secret Beach, one of the nicest adult beach hangouts I know. First we went to RIOT for their great selection of beachwear.

beach scene 02

The dude-worthy Maui board shorts allow you to mix and match your choice from a selection of 28 solid colors and 15 tropical patterns (fatpack only).

maui board shorts collage

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, the Moby swim trunks are a sexy alternative (and a great choice for an adult beach!). While not quite as explicit as some of RIOT’s briefs, they still give a pretty clear hint of what’s inside.

beach scene 03

I especially like the materials-enabled side panel with its shiny fish scale pattern. The fatpack offers mixing of 28 solid colors, plus 16 vivid patterns for the scales.

moby swim trunks collage

RIOT / Maui Board Shorts

RIOT / Moby Swim Shorts

Mossu – Strong.Tank Top

Mossu – Strong.Token

::ZED:: MESH Pinstripe Flip Flops

[ hoorenbeek ] Wayfarer Glasses

[ kunst ] Eike Bracelets

{COLD-ASH} Leather Bracelet 01 (group gift)

RealEvil **RE** Bones Necklace M2

Jaxon – ::ZED:: MESH Leather Sandals

Jaxon – [ kunst ] Paolo Bracelet

Jaxon – [ kunst ] Summer Bracelets


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