Key West Color

It’s wickedly hot here in the northeast U.S., so Jax and I decided to seek out the tropical breezes at Key West. It was the perfect occasion to break out the colorful Leif shorts we’d recently picked up from RIOT.

Although these shorts are a lot tighter than I would typically wear (you will need to use your alpha HUD for your ass), the bright colors and whimsical patterns were fun. Riot’s Zac t-shirt pairs perfectly with them, and Jaxon completed his outfit with Riot’s matching canvas slides, all fitted for Belleza Jake. All three items have an available HUD with the same selection of 35 colors, so it’s easy to mix and match them. You can block color different sections of the t-shirt and the shoes. The shorts also come with 16 fun patterns—the usual tropical flamingos, hibiscus and palms but also french fries, pretzels, llamas and sloths, which made me laugh.

Riot Leif-Zac Collage

Key West is one of the most venerable live music destinations in Second Life. I first went there in 2007 when it was new, and it’s still going strong. Great place for a first date!


RIOT / Leif shorts

RIOT / Zac Tee

Jaxon – RIOT / Ben Canvas Slides

Jaxon – [ kunst ] Stern Necklace

Jaxon – [ kunst ] Eike Bracelet

Jaxon – [ kunst ] Sentinel Watch

Daimon – [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Norfolk Shoes

Daimon – [ kunst ] Evan Necklace

Daimon – Vexiin [VEX] Cuban Bracelet (Platinum)

Daimon – [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Player Watch

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