Fantasy Friday

One of the great things about Second Life is how easily your imagination can take flight. And more than just dreaming, you can bring those fantasies to virtual life. If you can imagine it… you can become it.

I often joke that Second Life allows me to release my inner Elrond. And my inner Aragorn, Jon Snow, Drogon, or any number of fantasy characters who have occupied my daydreams over the years. The worlds of fantasy are vibrant in Second Life, crowned by the magnificent Fantasy Faire each April, one of the best events in this world or any other.

When it comes to fantasy apparel, however, most of what is available is made for women. The offerings for men mainly consist of armor and weapons. Very little of the fantasy apparel for men that does exist is made for mesh bodies, and only a fraction of that is fitted for Belleza Jake. I have spent countless hours searching for the best stuff, so my idea is to save you some time by telling you where to look. This is the first in what will be a series of posts highlighting the best fantasy apparel for men in Second Life.

Fantasy Friday Golden Knight 2Although very little fantasy clothing is fitted for Belleza Jake, some of it is of very good quality and if you are patient, and at ease with shape sliders and the SL building tool, you can make it work. Standard mesh sizes usually fit fine as long as the shoulder and upper arm  is covered. Here, for example, is an outfit I put together for a Golden Age Dance at the beautiful fantasy Enchanted Ballroom.

The only item in this ensemble actually fitted for Jake is the Lapointe & Bastchild boots.

Stitched has a good selection of non-combat mesh fantasy apparel for men, and some of the recent releases have also been fitted for Jake. You will want to stop in here especially because they have very useful pants (Norjen) that fit under tunics and armor, and inside boots, while remaining lore-friendly. This tunic has multiple options for showing or hiding and recoloring the sleeves, skirt and collar. [The Forge] is a fine source for accessories in addition to their trademark armor and weaponry. These gold bracers are actually made for women, but are modifiable so I was able to make them fit just fine.






  • Private; the setting is “The Chosen One” by The Looking Glass (Sharni Azalee).


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