Date Night: One With Nature

So a certain someone has caught your eye, and you’d like to get to know her better. What do you do in Second Life — and what do you wear — to make a great first impression?

I’m assuming that you are actually interested in the person, and your goal is not just sex, but intimacy. You want to get to know her… enjoy closeness… and develop a lasting relationship. Of course you can strike up a conversation anywhere, but it’s especially effective if the two of you are also sharing a memorable experience together. Whatever you do, be courteous and kind, listen at least as much as you talk, and be attentive. And, of course, be meticulous about your appearance!

This is the first in a series of posts with ideas for a great date.

Calas Galadhon

One of the most remarkable places in Second Life, this huge and beautifully landscaped 10-region park created by Tymus Tenk & Truck Meredith is perfect for a first date. There are hundreds of picturesque places to explore, relax, daydream, talk and listen. Try one of these activities:

calas-boatSit back and relax for a 45-minute cuddle boat tour. Three different routes are available. Each one treats you to gorgeous scenery with little surprises that will make you smile.

Float over the forests on a 90-minute balloon ride, giving you ample time for relaxing conversation as well as the amazing view to talk about.

For a more active date, there’s horseback riding on beautiful Water Horse riding horses. These Bento horses are gorgeous, with fluid, natural movement, and here you can each rez a free one to ride. There is a suggested trail, but you can go anywhere. Riding horses in SL has always been fun, but given this combination of the best horses and the huge park to explore, this is the best riding experience in SL.


calas-outfit-2There are also two clubs (Oz NIghtclub and the Dolphin Cafe) with live music and other events, and dance relays just about everywhere — so if things go well on your date, you can invite her to dance in a flowery meadow, on a scenic overlook, in a secluded glade, or whatever beautiful location happens to be at hand.

The entire park is PG with no nudity allowed, so Calas Galadhon is a good choice for keeping your time together focused on conversation.

I decided on this Sawyer denim shirt from ColdAsh for a look that’s natural and relaxed for the outdoors, but nicer than a t-shirt — subtly letting her know that I think she’s worth the effort.

The ColdAsh Sawyer shirt comes in a range of denim washes, and includes a HUD to recolor or remove the t-shirt. The Kunst watch and Hoorenbeek bracelet come with HUDs to allow you to recolor the metal and leather. The RealEvil necklace does, too; it also has XYZ resize and allows you to add your own custom text. The Deadwool Chelsea boots, which fit perfectly with the Deadwool jeans, are a gacha item available in the store.


Just a vanity note with regard to the Water Horse Riding Horses: It’s tempting to wear boots for riding, but make sure that your footwear either is specifically fitted for Belleza Jake, or, if it is unrigged, that it attaches to your foot and not to your lower leg. Otherwise, since these are Bento horses, your feet will look embarrassingly weird in the stirrups.




  • erratic / hanna – dress / pink floral



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