Date Night: Two to Tango

For the second post in my “Date Night” series, I suggest you consider taking your love interest to a LIVE music performance!

This is the second in a series of posts with ideas for a great date. When a certain someone has caught your eye, and you’d like to get to know her better, what do you do in Second Life — and what do you wear — to make a great first impression?

Joaquin Gustav

Sure, everyone knows about the popular (and laggy) romantic ballrooms, with DJs playing radio music. Those venues are dripping with cheesy romance, but for a little more fun, why not be more creative? Add some authenticity and invite your love interest to a live music performance.

It seems that you can’t take two steps in Second Life without tripping over a DJ. But it’s truly special to find a really good musician performing live. Performers like Maximillon Kleene, Savannah Rain and Zachh Cale are deservedly popular (search Events for performance times and locations). BUT…

Joaquin Gustav, Argentine guitarist

My #1 top pick for a memorable music date is to invite her to Gray’s Anomaly any Friday at 5:00 p.m. SLT to hear Argentine guitarist Joaquin Gustav play live from Buenos Aires. Joaquin is an amazing musician who plays romantic Latin music and jazz standards. His warm personality always ensures that the audience will smile. Dancing is not required, but to be honest, the Latin rhythms make it impossible to sit still!

Gray’s Anomaly is an intimate, convivial jazz club with friendly patrons. Joaquin always sparks a romantic mood in this lovely setting that invites intimacy. Afterward, you can linger over drinks, or stroll around the sim and find any number of scenic places to sit and chat.

There’s no dress code at Gray’s, but cocktail attire is a good choice. For this occasion, I reached back into my inventory for this turquoise velvet blazer from Hoorenbeek. The pop of color adds a little fun. Although it’s pre-Jake “standard size”, it fits fine, and the quality, especially the texturing, is the best. Ansor Hoorenbeek plans to release an updated version soon that will be fitted for Belleza Jake.

As with all Hoorenbeek pieces, it works best when combined with other Hoorenbeek pieces. I’ve added the coordinating Real Shirt with tie — colors chosen to harmonize with my date’s dress — and the black Mesh Pants, both also from Hoorenbeek.





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