Fantasy Friday: Rescue Me

In the story of the little silver dragon, whence my name is drawn, a boy is rescued and raised by a dragon. When he is grown, he honors that gift by using his knowledge and power to protect and guide, spreading the blessing of dragons in the world of men.

Although I am not myself a dragon, from time to time in Second Life I may assume the aspect of dragons. I am able to do this thanks to the artistry of Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods. Alia is a texture artist of surpassing craftsmanship and vision. Known among initiates as “the Flesh Carver”, he creates amazing, evocative fantasy skins.

Because he is also a good and generous person, with a delightful sense of humor, who organizes and participates in much merry-making, Alia tends to attract a devoted following of fascinating, lovely people, making Fallen Gods not just a store but also one of the most fun communities in Second Life.

For reasons that should be obvious, my favorite Fallen Gods skin is “Draco” which features subtle dragon scales. It is available in 7 fantasy colors, in male and female versions, with numerous appliers, and includes a PG version in addition to the regular skin. Although I do, of course, own the silver version, here I am showing Draco Gold.

rescueme 02

rescueme 05

Alia’s skins are so beautiful that I find I never want to wear any clothing with them, so as not to cover up the artwork! Sadly, that is not practical all the time. I compromise with this gladiator skirt… which is almost nothing.

Two notes about the gladiator skirt. The one shown was an event-specific item from Fallen Gods, and I believe no longer available, but the mesh model is sold by Underground and is available from other vendors (although without Alia’s beautiful texuring). You will need to wear a jock under it, especially if you plan to do any dancing or other active animations while wearing it. I found that the one noted below works well.



Auriel, my Water Horse Riding Horse:

  • Cinnamon : Fantasy Skin (Golden)
  • Jinx : Viking Mane & Tail
  • Jinx : Norse Gods Tack

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