Gym Gear

My buddy Jaxon is a dedicated gym rat in real life. We decided to explore workouts in Second Life — and what to wear while toning our virtual bodies.

Just like in real life, a gym can be a good place to meet people, so of course you want to look your best. Most gyms in Second Life are settings for adult activity, but we did find some that focus on the fun of actually working out (shout out to the SML Training Gym) and some with a more relaxed social component (Alpha Gym).

For me, the virtual world is more immersive when the clothing is realistic, so we went shopping for gear that one would actually wear to the gym in real life.

Workout clothing should allow you to bend and move easily. For pants, I like tapered sweatpants, or loose fitting shorts that are long enough to avoid accidentally flashing anyone. Layering the shorts over leggings is a popular choice. Andrew Athletic Shorts from RIOT are perfect for workouts. They include optional leggings for the stylish layered look. The fatpack includes a HUD that gives you 35 color options for the shorts, leggings, pockets, side panels and trim.

gym 02a
RIOT / Andrew Athletic Shorts with leggings + {COLD-ASH} Tyler Tank Top

GQ suggests that ladies might not care to see men in tank tops, but in SL there are no potentially offensive armpit issues. Tanks are the least restrictive thing to wear — and if your body looks good, I say, go ahead and flaunt it. Riot’s Andrew Tank Top matches the aforementioned shorts, but in the photo above I went with the more loose fitting Tyler Tank Top from {COLD-ASH}. Below, Jaxon is wearing the sexy Sporty Tank from Dufaux.

gym 08
[VERSOV] Amyov Sneakers + RIOT Andrew Athletic Shorts + Dufaux Sporty Tank
gym 03a
RIOT / Andrew Athletic Shorts + Mossu Strong.Tank

Above, Jaxon chose the same Andrew shorts but without the leggings. He is wearing the Strong.Tank from Mossu, one of my favorite shirts. Although it only comes in black, white and camo, it’s a well made, versatile piece that fits with a wide variety of pants. Jaxon is also wearing his Pegasus sneakers from [hoorenbeek].

Finding realistic gym sneakers was a challenge. If you have ever worn running shoes while lifting weights, you know that the cushioning of a running shoe makes it feel like you are standing on a pillow: not very stable. But almost all the sneakers in SL are either running shoes, chucks or street wear, none of which are really gym-appropriate. The best sneakers for weight training are lightweight and have a flat sole that grips the floor, like the popular Nike Metcon sneakers. I chose casual Bruin Sneakers from [hoorenbeek] and Race Sneakers from {kokoia}; Jaxon liked traditional Pegasus Sneakers from [hoorenbeek] and stylish Amyov Sneakers from sneaker specialists [VERSOV].

gym 05a
RIOT / Pearson Joggers + {COLD-ASH} Tyler Tank

Tapered sweatpants are a great choice for workouts. Above, I’m wearing the {kokoia} Race sneakers with the RIOT Pearson Joggers tapered sweatpants, and the Tyler Tank Top from {COLD-ASH}. As with most things from RIOT, buying the fatpack gives you a multitude of options for coloring the sweatpants and trim.

While working the weights, Jaxon couldn’t resist showing off his muscles in this sexy ensemble from Dufaux: their Sporty Tank with Jogger Shorts.

gym 04
Dufaux Sporty Tank & Jogger Shorts

Speaking of Dufaux, one of the most fun things we found was the Jordan Tank shown below that allows you to add your own image to the front. I had a lot of fun thinking up funny sayings and making graphics to put them on my shirt.

gym 09a
Dufaux Jordan Tank + RIOT Pearson Joggers

Don’t like tank tops? No problem. A loose fitting t-shirt like the Montana Tee from {COLD-ASH} is entirely appropriate. It comes in seven colors in a plain or marled texture version. I’m wearing it with the Pearson Joggers from RIOT.

gym 06c
Hey, I think I’m making progress!

A hooded sweatshirt is perfect for cooling out after the workout. Mine is the Carson Hoodie from {COLD-ASH}, while Jaxon is sporting the sleeveless Gym Hoodie from Dufaux.

gym 10a

A shout-out to our locations: the photos above were taken at Alpha Gym, an extensive workout complex that is mainly designed as a social hangout. They have a ton of great equipment and many opportunities for intimacy as well as workout roleplay.

Less photogenic but we found ourselves having a lot of fun at SML Training Gym which features a HUD system that allows you to simulate actual weight training. We got hooked on the game and shared a lot of laughs… and a few expletives… not unlike real workouts!





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