Date Night: The Ballet

For the third post in my “Date Night” series, I suggest you consider taking your love interest to the ballet!

This is the third in a series of posts with ideas for a great date. When a certain someone has caught your eye, and you’d like to get to know her better, what do you do in Second Life — and what do you wear — to make a great first impression?

Go to the ballet

There are some amazing dance troupes in Second Life that put on fantastic shows. I’ve been amazed by the vibrant creativity and stunning visual feast of Second Life dance performances. My guests at these events are always awed and pleased. It is a wonderful experience, and it leads to great conversations afterward!

There doesn’t seem to be a central source that tells you when to catch them, but if you happen to hear about a performance by The Imaginals, ColeMarie Soleil, ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow, MoonBeam Dancers, Drum or FlyGearz, among others, by all means leap — or jeté — at the opportunity and share the splendor with your love interest.

ColeMarie 2018-10-07 02
ColeMarie Soleil’s Sparkle Spectacular at Fallen Gods, 7 October 2018
Imaginals Ballet 2018-09-09
The Imaginals perform at Avilion Arts Festival, 9 September 2018

When choosing an outfit, let the location of the performance guide you. Dance performances need a lot of space so they are usually not held in traditional theaters. Most of the time you can probably dress however you like, unless the performance is being held on a role-playing sim. But there’s nothing wrong with going formal, and letting your lady know she’s worth dressing up for.

Ballet Date

This set of tails from Hoorenbeek is perfect for formal occasions; dressier than a tuxedo, it looks fabulous on you and it’s super simple to wear. Although it only comes in standard sizes (for now), it fits Belleza Jake perfectly. (The entire mesh body underneath is hidden with alpha, except for the hands.) It even includes a top hat and cane, although I chose not to wear them on this occasion. The Hoorenbeek Mesh Allen shoes are still my favorite dressy lace-ups.

Ballet Date 02






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