Sweater Weather

Autumn is my favorite season. It has an air of mystery, and teases us about upcoming holidays. I love the colors and the playfulness. And I get to wear sweaters!

I know that sweaters aren’t fashion-forward, but I love them. They are super comfortable, soft and warm, like wearing a security blanket. Please allow me a little self-indulgence as I share a few of my favorite sweaters with you.

autumn orchard

The Baph Sweater by Deadwool has the look of that well-loved, well-worn favorite sweater you might wear on a lazy autumn weekend for a visit to the orchard. As comforting as apple pie, it comes in 10 colors and goes great with Deadwool’s Broberry jeans. Stop by the orchard on Seeking Wisdom… we have cider and donuts for you!

autumn pumpkins

Fall is a season of change. In autumn, our Rose Garden turns into a pumpkin patch. Wearing the lightweight Crewneck Sweater by TonkTastic & Hermony I can change with the season; it is available in a dizzying array of 75 different colors and patterns. For now I selected a classic cable knit, to pair with tweed trousers from Deadwool. Time to push up my sleeves and start scooping out one of these pumpkins to make a pie.

autumn leaves

When you have a favorite sweater, it’s hard to let go of it even if it gets old. I got this Mesh Buttoned Sweater from Hoorenbeek two years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite things, even though it pre-dates the Belleza Jake mesh body. It’s still available in six comfy colors and I still get compliments on it. The neat collar and marled texture were exactly the right thing to wear while raking leaves in front of the Owl Pub.

I’ll post more sweaters soon!


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