A New Me

Readers of this blog will know that I have said, “I will wear a mesh head when I find one that suits me. Hasn’t happened yet.”

Well, it finally happened!

Daimon 2012 Head
Daimon Silverdragon, 2012-2018

The face I created six years ago was a winner. It projected my personality perfectly, and has been admired by many. Although I was amenable to the idea of a mesh head, I could not find one with a similar look: classic, masculine, dominant, kind. A guy who’s at home wrangling cattle on the ranch, but just as comfortable at the symphony in a fine tailored suit. I suppose it’s not an easy look to pull off.

I tried a great many mesh heads and skins, but none of the shapes have been as good as the system face I was already wearing, and none of the skins have been as good as my trusty 2012 Belleza system skin. But a few days ago, I tried on something new… and… it clicked. I’ve been auditioning this look for a couple of weeks, and the consensus is… YES. So, this is the new me.

I’ve admired the skins at Birth for quite awhile, but needed to find the right head to put them on. The Victor head from Catwa is more of a classic shape than the popular Daniel head, and thus it suits me better. It still has more of a ski-jump nose than I’d like; I’d prefer a straighter nose profile, but I can live with this. I love the default Belleza body skin a lot, but the Birth body skin is very good.

I’m still planning to refine the eyes and hair, but for now, it’s all good.


  • Mesh Body: Jake, by Belleza
  • Mesh Head: Victor, by Catwa
  • Skin: Ripley, by Birth
  • Eyes: Catwa default, for now
  • Hair: Rebellion, by Stealthic, for now
  • Shape: custom


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