Mesh Body Parts Survey


If you have not already done so, please follow this link and participate in Strawberry Singh’s annual mesh body parts survey.

Since Belleza Jake was introduced, I have followed Berry’s survey closely to see how well it caught on. I was happy to see its popularity reflected in the survey. As of this morning, with almost 1,400 responses, Belleza Jake is the #1 most popular male mesh body with 26.82% selecting it as their preference.

This is great news for those of us who wear Jake. These surveys are important, helping designers know which bodies to make clothes for. It takes time to create the various specific versions of clothing, and most designers weigh the cost against the anticipated return. The more people use a specific mesh body, the more likely it will be that one can find clothes fitted for it.

In addition to the poll, Berry asks respondents to answer her question, “Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?” I have detailed this elsewhere in this blog, but for convenience will copy my answer here.

I tried many different mesh bodies but did not like any of them until I discovered Belleza Jake. I loved the natural shape of Jake’s shoulders and hips, compared to other bodies which I found too angular or too hyper-muscular. Jake allowed me to have a great physique that looked realistic. It came with a gorgeous default skin (unsurprisingly, considering it is from skin experts Belleza). I found the HUD extremely easy to use while still having lots of options. And since a lot of other people liked it, too, before long it was very easy to find clothes fitted for the Jake body.

One often encounters debates on men’s fashion groups about which mesh body is the best. People argue passionately for the one they prefer. Personally, I don’t think everyone should have the same body. The world gets boring when everyone looks alike. As it is, there is an epidemic of cloning among SL men, with so many people wearing the same heads, hair and beards. I hope that Jake remains popular, to ensure that we will continue to have the widest range of clothing choices. But to those who prefer something different, I say go for it… diversity is a good thing!

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