Fantasy Friday: Dragonfly Dance


As one who identifies with dragons — hence my name — I am partial to the Draco skins by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods. I have several colors in this skin, and loved the new Opal color released in January, an ethereal mix with highlights of cyan and lilac. I have been eager to photograph it.

However when I wore the accessories that were included with the skin, I struggled with some confusion. Lacy wings, delicate flower petals, graceful butterflies… and… dragon scales?!? It seems incongruous; “delicate” is not a word often used in connection with dragons.

What images could express the essence of this look? Can one who is fierce also be tender? Can strength and vulnerability co-exist?

I decided that butterflies + dragon = dragonflies and that yes, a powerful dragon can dance gracefully. After all, in my experience, sometimes it requires great strength to be gentle, and courage to be tender. So in anticipation of the coming of spring, this dragon danced with dragonflies amidst purple flowers, celebrating wholeness of spirit.


  • Fallen Gods : Draco Opal Skin, Spirit Accessories
  • Exile : “Broadcast the Boom” Bento hair
  • Custom : Gladiator Skirt
  • Custom : Thong
  • RIOT : David Sandals
  • Mesh Dragonflies by Toysoldier Thor


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