Fantasy Friday: The Silk Road

Keeping to the Friday Fantasy theme: here on Qoheleth we have a sumptuous lounge in the style of an opium den, swathed in richly dyed silks, where one can partake of exotic pleasures, from absinthe to intimate conversation and more…

We call it the Silk Road Den, reminiscent of that ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean that wound through the deserts of Central Asia and Western China. The Silk Road opened the way for Westerners to indulge in opulence and exotic delights from the Far East.

Recently I discovered PFC (Pucca Firecaster Creations), a fantasy apparel shop that has several creations for the Belleza Jake body. In addition to fine medieval, Roman and barbarian outfits, my eye was drawn to this Dune Rider outfit, which immediately put me in mind of those deserts along the Silk Road. It was perfect for indulging in an evening of opulence at the Silk Road Den.

Dune Rider 04


The HUD provides several color options and two variations for the top.

Credits – Daimon

Credits – Shiloh


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