Work Shirt

I picked up the new Flannel Plaid Shirt released a few days ago by Hoorenbeek, and I’ve been wearing it constantly ever since. It is so versatile, that for a wide variety of looks, it just works.

Six variations of the shirt are included, so that you can wear it tucked or untucked, buttoned or unbuttoned, with or without an undershirt, alone or under a jacket.

Hoorenbeen Flannel Shirt versions

The “chest” version, for wearing under jackets, of course works with newer Hoorenbeek jackets such as the Hank leather jacket. It can also be made to work with older Hoorenbeek jackets if you are able to make a custom shape for it.

Hoorenbeen Flannel Shirt jackets

I like that the untucked version can be worn with pants from other creators. The tucked-in version is designed for high-waist pants, and so far I have only found a fit with the newer Hoorenbeek jeans. But the untucked version fits fine with my pants and jeans from Cold Ash, Deadwool and TonkTastic.

Hoorenbeen Flannel Shirt_031

Hoorenbeen Flannel Shirt_024


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