Fantasy Friday: Dragon Aspect

From time to time in Second Life, I have been known to assume the aspect of dragons. The transformation may be as subtle as the appearance of silver scales on my skin… or as dramatic as this full anthro dragon avatar from JOMO.

Jomo Dragon 03

When you feel the urge to step over that line, and become not-fully-human, I recommend this as the finest anthro avatar I have yet seen in Second Life. The mesh modeling and the texturing are outstanding. The avatar is available in 9 skin colors (color “C” shown here). The wings, tail, ears, nose, gills and tongue are all fully Bento animated, with a HUD offering multiple AO options.

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The HUD also gives a choice of 36 eye textures, and full RGB coloring of the accent marks and tongue. It also includes an alpha HUD, as with any mesh body. The male avatar is PG when worn nude, but there is also an optional anthro penis attachment, which is Bento animated (in some fairly surprising ways). There is one “clothing” outfit available separately from Jomo, plus a developer kit so more outfits may be available from other creators.

Jomo Dragon 08

Jomo Dragon 09

JOMO is known for their very fine anthro avatars, including Siberian huskies, foxes, lions, leopards, tigers and wolves, all sure to satisfy your animal transformation fantasies. The anthro dragon avatar may seem somewhat expensive at L$2,970 but if you consider that the price includes a very full-featured Bento-enabled mesh avatar AND Bento mesh head AND Bento wings AND Bento tail, which would cost much more if all were purchased separately, I think you can agree that the price is actually rather modest.

Jomo Dragon 02

11 days until Fantasy Faire. May your life be enriched by the blessing of dragons!


  • JOMO : Dragon-V1-Male (color C shown)
  • JOMO: Dragon Male King’s Clothing

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