Gamer at Work

No, Second Life is not a game. But yes, I am something of a gamer. In a vast sea of video games, the Elder Scrolls series (Skyrim, ESO et al) fits my gaming style best. And in a vast sea of hoodies for men’s mesh bodies, this one by TonkTastic fits my gaming style too.

Air Guitar

The hoodie is available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns, from camo to collegiate. The same hoodie is currently on sale at both Man Cave (a few more days) and The Men’s Department, with different colors offered at each event.

It includes three different hood styles.

Hoodie Hoods

My favorite part about this hoodie is that it comes with a small HUD that animates sliding your hands into your pockets (and back out). Unlike some jackets where your hands are permanently trapped in the pockets, this one gives you a choice, or you can have it happen naturally from time to time.

Hoodie Pockets



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