Intro to Mesh

Dude! I’m back! I had a lot going on in RL this past year, but now I am ready to update you on 2020’s best mesh clothing for regular dudes.

A lot of guys who read this blog are thinking about trying a mesh body for the very first time. This post is for you. I thought I’d start with some basic guidance for those who are wondering where to begin.

First let me say something about… CHANGE. It is not an easy thing. Quite a few guys are initially reluctant to give up the look they have had for years. I know I was. Even if you know that your look is dated, it feels like “you.” I liked my old appearance. I thought I was sexy and attractive. Mesh was a scary unknown. Let me tell you from experience: when you upgrade to mesh, you are not going to look the same. You will look better… but you will look different. My advice: just embrace the change. Give it a go. It does not have to be permanent. You can always go back. Your old system body will always be there as long as you don’t delete your old skin and shape. But although you can go back, after a couple of weeks, I predict you will not want to. I look back at my old appearance now, and I think, “OMG, what was I thinking? Why did I ever think this was attractive?” The look I used to think was so sexy now looks awkward and primitive to me. My new look is the one that feels like “me,” now.

There is a little bit of a learning curve, but honestly, it is no different from the learning curve you faced when you first started in SL. It is worth it in the end. Trust me.

So if you are brave enough to take the plunge, let’s begin. Let’s start with the absolute basics: mesh body, mesh head, skin, mesh hair and mesh clothes.

Mesh Bodies 101 – The first thing you need is a mesh body. What is a mesh body, anyway? Why should you care about mesh bodies? Which mesh body should you buy? This introduction answers your most basic questions. (Note that this blog focuses exclusively on the “Jake” body from Belleza.)

In addition to a mesh body, you will need:

Skin: You can’t — or, well, you shouldn’t — wear your old system skin with a mesh body… and especially not with a mesh head. Although it is technically possible if you use the new “bakes on mesh” function, it will look horrible. Old fashioned system skins are just not intended for mesh bodies and heads; in most cases the artwork is not detailed enough and doesn’t take advantage of mesh features. It is much, much less of a headache to simply get a new skin that is made to work with mesh bodies and heads. The best, most masculine “regular guy” skins are from Birth. Skins from Stray Dog are also very good quality, although some may find them a little less masculine.

Mesh Head: Although a mesh head is not strictly necessary (you can wear a mesh body with your existing system head), it is VERY difficult to find a skin that matches both. To save yourself the frustration and embarrassment of a mismatched head, with a glaring neck seam, I recommend that you just take the plunge and get a mesh head. Catwa is the most popular (especially the Daniel or Victor models), but check the skin you buy to see which head is recommended for it.

Hair: You may be able to wear your existing hair with your mesh body and head… IF, and only IF, your hair is 100% mesh. Be sure to check. Most older hair is made of “sculpties” and you must never, EVER wear any sculpties while wearing your mesh body—it sends your complexity through the roof, which means that other players won’t even see you, they will just see a “jelly doll”. Newer mesh hair is made to work with mesh heads. Good, manly men’s hair is not easy to find, but I found options I liked at Vango, Stealthic, Dura, no.match and Wasabi.

Mesh Clothes: Once you have a mesh body, a mesh head, a good skin, and hair, you’re ready for this blog! Dive right in to the posts and let’s see what we can find for you, dude.


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