10 Essentials for Every Dude’s Closet

So now you’ve taken the risk, and invested in a mesh body. Congratulations! You are probably thinking: “…Now what?” Well, that handsome new body needs a new wardrobe!

What you wear in Second Life naturally will depend on your style, your personality, the activities you enjoy, and whether you role play as a particular character. But everyone has to start somewhere. With these 10 wardrobe essentials, you can be confident of looking great in nearly every situation.

(A note: I am limiting myself to one example per category—though naturally there are more. Shoes and accessories will be covered in a separate post.)

Wardrobe Basics_007#1: The Jeans

There are a zillion jeans for Belleza Jake; you can choose skinny jeans, distressed jeans, studded jeans, straight leg, rolled cuff, boot cut and everything in between. But if you only buy one pair of jeans, choose the Kojima Jeans by Deadwool. They are a relaxed fit, extremely well made, and fit beautifully with tops from several different creators. These jeans look good with anything from t-shirts to blazers.

#2: The Layered Shirt

In RL or SL, layered shirts are in vogue. When you are not sure what to wear, a layered shirt is a versatile choice. It is difficult to choose just one, but my new favorite layered shirt is the Casual Shirt M7 by Kalback. It is available with dark subtle patterns for a club-chic look, or cheery tropical patterns for a beach-casual look.

Wardrobe Basics_010

Wardrobe Basics_012#3: The Leather Jacket

Heading out to a club, and don’t know what to wear? Without knowing more about the specific club, I often recommend a racer-style (not biker) black leather jacket… and the Hank Jacket from Hoorenbeek is the best available. The streamlined, minimalist jacket is upscale without being ostentatious, and exudes masculine attitude while being quietly stylish. You can wear the Hank Jacket with a shirt and tie to be dressy but hip, or wear it with a t-shirt (get this tank, shown) for a more relaxed look. Hoorenbeek has various shirts with versions that fit under this jacket. It is a timeless piece every stylish dude needs in his closet.

Wardrobe Basics_011#4: The Black Slacks

Every guy needs one pair of good slacks. Sometimes jeans are too casual, but a suit is too dressy. Slacks and a nice shirt are great for those in-between occasions. Alessio Slacks from Cold Ash are an excellent choice. Pair them with the Cold Ash Hemsworth Shirt for a smart, polished look.

#5: The Suit

In RL, a lot of guys find suits uncomfortably formal. But let me clue you in on a secret, in case you didn’t know it: a lot of women are attracted to guys with the savvy and self-confidence to be at home in a good suit. The elegant Hart Suit from Deadwool is widely regarded as the best quality men’s suit in Second Life. When you wear it on that special date, you will know that you look great, and that positive self-image will only add to your awesomeness.

Wardrobe Basics_013

Wardrobe Basics_003#6: The Tuxedo

Second Life’s ballrooms are lovely settings for romantic encounters. If you want to go to one—to meet a prospective love interest, or to take your sweetheart on a romantic date—you will be required to wear a tuxedo. The Marc Bow Tie Tuxedo from Lapointe & Bastchild is a high-quality, no-fuss tux that is extremely easy to wear. So you can focus on your date without worrying about your outfit.

#7: The Hoodie

Sometimes it seems to me that creators at men’s sales think that guys wear nothing but jeans, hoodies and sneakers. There have been months when those are the only things one could buy. Admittedly, hoodies are one of my favorite things to wear. TonkTastic offers a great Zip Hoodie in dozens of designs ranging from collegiate to ultra hip. You are sure to find a design to satisfy your inner street punk.

Hoodie Hoods 2


Wardrobe Basics_014#8: The T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love wearing t-shirts? There are even more t-shirts for guys than there are jeans and hoodies. But if you only buy one, the Basic T-Shirt M3 from Kalback is a good choice. The fatpack includes several solid colors as well as graphic tees, along with a layered version for extra coolness. It fits well with jeans from other creators too, for maximum flexibility.

#9: The Swim Trunks

Just like in RL, the beach is a great place to meet people. In SL, those meetings often lead to intimate encounters… so you want to be sure you look your sexy best. RIOT’s Maui Board Shorts are laid back, but still a great fit that shows off your, um, assets. I recommend the fatpack so you can play with the multitude of colors and patterns. Add some stylish shades, and you’re all set for the beach.

Wardrobe Basics_019

Wardrobe Basics_015#10: The Winter Coat

Seasons change in Second Life, and in December there will be snow, somewhere. You need at least one winter outfit. Even though you can’t feel the virtual cold, other people will be uncomfortable looking at you standing in the snow wearing nothing but a t-shirt and jeans. So do everyone a favor and bundle up! One option I really like is the puffy down Explorer Vest from Lenox. It fits great with their Buffalo Plaid Shirt, keeping you toasty warm while you inspire lumberjack fantasies.

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