8 Great Summer Shoes

The weather is warming up! Summer weather means you can let those good-looking mesh toes and ankles breathe. Here are eight great summer shoes, almost all of which are made for Belleza Jake to fit perfectly right out of the box.

[A note: I’d still like to find a good pair of huaraches, Italian leather sandals, and trail sandals. If I do I’ll add them to this post.]

Norfolk Shoes from Hoorenbeek – These versatile summer shoes have the casual look of canvas but are leather. The new version is fitted for Belleza Jake and other mesh bodies with 8 colors available.

Canvas Sneaker Docksides from ::ROC::. Sadly they are no longer inworld but ::ROC:: still has some nice shoes in classic styles at very affordable prices on Marketplace. Only 99L for these docksiders with 25 colors, fitted for Belleza Jake and other mesh bodies.

Ben Canvas Slides from RIOT. These great-looking canvas shoes are especially fun due to the HUD that allows you to create a zillion color combinations, coloring different parts of the shoe, with bright, fun summer colors to go with those vivid print shirts you like. Or even plain colors for you more modest types. Fitted for Belleza Jake and other mesh bodies.

Jake Sport Shoes by Giz Seorn in Cream. Lighter than a sneaker, the breathable fabric texture allows these shoes to go well with the lighter colors of summer. Fitted for Belleza Jake and other mesh bodies.

Horizon Men’s Sandal by Steelhead Outfitters. These sandals stand out from similar models due to the elegant tooled leather texture. Not fitted for mesh bodies, but the unrigged size can be edited to fit perfectly.

Hamilton Sandals by Rebellion. These leather thongs from one of my favorite biker shops are a stylish step up from flip-flops. 8 colors via HUD. Rebellion’s newer footwear is now fitted for Belleza Jake and other mesh bodies.

Latiov Mocassins by [ VERSOV ]. Driving mocs aren’t season specific but we all know they are the most comfortable leather shoe you can wear. In summer, you can break out the cream and white versions. 7 colors available, fitted for Belleza Jake and other mesh bodies.

Canvas Sneaker Slip-Ons (Vans) by ::ROC::. Everyone wants a pair of Vans and this is another great bargain from ::ROC::. You can decorate them with 100 different colors/patterns via HUD and your girlfriend can get the matching women’s version. Fitted for Belleza Jake and other mesh bodies.

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