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I’m just a regular guy. I wear regular guy clothes. I like clothes that are classic, masculine and sexy.

I’m not hip-hop. I have no desire to look like a gangster. You’ll never find me dressing like an urban street punk. I like to look good, but I’m not “fashion forward.” On the other hand, I’m not too buttoned up. I can rock a suit, but I also like to be comfortable.

It’s not always easy for regular guys like me to find good clothes in Second Life.

Does this resonate with you? If so, stay tuned. This blog’s for you, dude.

My name is Daimon Silverdragon. I’m a regular guy, of a certain age, from the New York City area.

I am a denizen of the virtual world of Second Life. The photos you see are of my avatar; this is how I appear in the virtual world. It is as much my identity as my physical, “real” world appearance. I joined Second Life right at the start, in 2003, under a different name. I became Daimon in 2012.

In the virtual world, I take care of the properties that support the work of groups on the Refuge for Peace and Seeking Wisdom.

For fun I hang out with friends, participate in adventure games, go sailing, ride my horse or my motorcycle, dance and explore. I especially enjoy immersive, interactive 3D art, and flights of imagination in fantasy realms.

Here’s my basic body info:

  • Mesh Body: Jake, by Belleza
  • Mesh Head: Victor, by Catwa
  • Skin: Ripley, by Birth
  • Eyes: Catwa default, for now
  • Hair: Rebellion, by Stealthic, for now
  • Shape: custom

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