Style Notes

Here are some general notes about the body items I wear.

It took me a long time to decide to move to wearing a mesh body. I wasn’t going to do it just because everyone else was; I said I’d make the change only if I found a mesh body that felt truly like me. I tried every mesh body demo, and while each one was commendable in terms of technology and artistic skill, none of them were ME. That is, until Belleza came out with their Jake mesh body in May 2017. From the very first time I tried it on, I knew it was for me. The natural shape of the shoulders, the very fine included skin, and the easy-to-use HUD all convinced me.

Since then, Jake has quickly become one of the most popular mesh bodies. It is easy, now, to find clothing made to fit the Jake body. And that makes it easy to look good.

Since Jake is the only mesh body I wear, I will only be showing outfits that are specifically made to fit the Jake body. In a few instances I will also review outfits containing mesh clothing in “standard sizes” such as S, M, L.

I am still a bit of a Luddite when it comes to mesh heads. I keep trying, but I still haven’t found one that preserves the character and personality of my current face. Therefore, I still do wear a few older system parts. Shocking, I know.

In most photos, this is what I’m wearing:

Mesh Body: Jake by Belleza
Body Skin: included with Belleza Jake mesh body
Head Skin: Ewan v2 Tan system skin by Belleza (no longer available)
Eyes: FOCUS mesh eyes by KMADD
Hair: Tidal mesh hair by Exile (no longer available)
Shape: custom

Daimon Body Style

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