Fantasy Friday: Dragonfly Dance


As one who identifies with dragons — hence my name — I am partial to the Draco skins by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods. I have several colors in this skin, and loved the new Opal color released in January, an ethereal mix with highlights of cyan and lilac. I have been eager to photograph it.

However when I wore the accessories that were included with the skin, I struggled with some confusion. Lacy wings, delicate flower petals, graceful butterflies… and… dragon scales?!? It seems incongruous; “delicate” is not a word often used in connection with dragons.

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Club Scene: Quietly Stylish

I am often asked, “What should I wear to a club?” Without knowing more about the specific club, I often recommend a racer-style (not biker) black leather jacket. The streamlined, minimalist jacket is upscale without being ostentatious, and exudes masculine attitude while being quietly stylish. You can wear it with a shirt and tie to be dressy but hip, or wear it with a t-shirt for a more relaxed look.

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