Fantasy Friday: Dragonfly Dance


As one who identifies with dragons — hence my name — I am partial to the Draco skins by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods. I have several colors in this skin, and loved the new Opal color released in January, an ethereal mix with highlights of cyan and lilac. I have been eager to photograph it.

However when I wore the accessories that were included with the skin, I struggled with some confusion. Lacy wings, delicate flower petals, graceful butterflies… and… dragon scales?!? It seems incongruous; “delicate” is not a word often used in connection with dragons.

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Suit Yourself: Hart by Deadwool

In RL, a lot of guys don’t like wearing suits; they find them uncomfortably formal. But consider this, in case you didn’t know it: a lot of women are attracted to guys with the savvy and self-confidence to be at home in a good suit. When you know you look good, your positive self image makes you happier, not to mention more appealing. So we are in search of the best suits in SL. This week: the elegant new Hart suit by Deadwool.

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Club Scene: Quietly Stylish

I am often asked, “What should I wear to a club?” Without knowing more about the specific club, I often recommend a racer-style (not biker) black leather jacket. The streamlined, minimalist jacket is upscale without being ostentatious, and exudes masculine attitude while being quietly stylish. You can wear it with a shirt and tie to be dressy but hip, or wear it with a t-shirt for a more relaxed look.

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