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Here are some stores and shopping events that I recommend for regular-guy clothes in Second Life. Click the name for a SLurl to the store inworld.



TMD – The Mens Department – In addition to the event, check the stores on the sim.

Men Only Monthly – Not many “regular-guy” offerings but worth a look.

You can occasionally find a men’s item or two at FaMESHed or Uber.

We ❤ Roleplay – for fantasy and RP-themed clothing.



[ hoorenbeek ]



Lapointe & Bastchild








[ kunst ]




A note about buying shoes. Although it’s easiest to get shoes fitted specifically for Belleza Jake, because they fit perfectly right out of the box with no need for adjustment, there are quite a lot of other great mesh shoes for men that work fine.

If the item is not specifically fitted for Jake:

  • If the shoe comes with an “unrigged” version, it may be modifiable. In that case, if you are proficient with the SL build tools, or if the item includes an “XYZ resize” script, you can probably stretch it as needed to get it to fit.
  • Boots and other tall shoes must bend at the ankle, so they must be “rigged” so they will bend. This means they will not be modifiable. They might still fit; but be certain to try a demo. It may work if you simply hide your feet using the alpha HUD.
  • You probably will not be able to wear shoes fitted for another brand of mesh body such as Slink or TMP. I find that these just don’t work, and can’t be adjusted.

These stores carry good men’s shoes specifically fitted for Belleza Jake:

Versov – especially for sneakers and driving mocs

::ROC:: – sneakers and docksiders / boat shoes

[ hoorenbeek ] – They carry the largest selection of high quality wardrobe staple shoes. Most of the mesh shoes here are not yet fitted specifically for Jake, but they are working on it. Many are “unrigged” and adjustable to fit. One note: make sure the item specifically includes the word “mesh” because there are still some older sculpted shoes displayed.

[Deadwool] – only a couple of Jake-fitted shoes so far, but they are outstanding.

Lapointe & Bastchild – good source for Jake-fitted boots.

{COLD-ASH} has just started offering shoes for Jake; only one so far but it’s nice.

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